5 Tips to Consider When Attending an Open House

5 Tips to Consider When Attending an Open House

Tuesday Mar 20th, 2018


5 Tips to Consider When Attending an Open HouseIf you are planning to acquire a new home in Hamilton, you're probably thinking about attending open houses in the neighbourhood you have chosen. Getting a glimpse of a potential house in its best condition will enable you to get valuable insight into a possible future home. It will also allow you to do a personal appraisal of the space and gauge whether it’s worth the money you are willing to spend, especially if you are serious about placing a offer. A single weekend alone can provide you with dozens of choices for potential homes, so you need to make sure you weigh your options right. The following tips will come in handy the next time you are attending an open house.

1. Plan Ahead

Before the open houses have been announced, make a point of studying the area you have chosen to buy from. Familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood and know which social amenities and schools are close by. What are the conditions as far as security, sanitation, accessibility, home values etc. are concerned? Make sure, too, that the location facilitates a smooth commute to and from your work, or at least is within your commuting comfort zone.

2. Do Research

Consult the websites of different Hamilton realtors in the area of interest and check local newspapers like The Spec and the free real estate guides available around the city for any classifieds. You can also access mapping websites like Google Maps to discern the best route of travel that will enable you to attend as many open houses as possible. The more houses you get to view in a day, the better.

3. Ask as Many Questions as Possible...and Take Notes

An open house is meant to provide the potential home buyers with all the information they may require about the property so that a concrete decision can be made. Be ready with all the questions you can think of to ask the agent hosting the open house to make sure your curiosity has been satisfied. Don’t shy from probing what has prompted the seller to want to leave the house and other important issues. Remember to carry along a notebook where you will be writing down the pros and cons so that it is easier for you to analyze your options and make a sure decision later on.

4. Take a Comprehensive Look Around

Don’t be intimidated by things like checking the basement, storage areas or any other regions away from the main living area. Examine the walls, ceilings, roof and all the other crucial parts of the home you can think of to ensure that there are no defects or cracks and that everything is intact. Yes, you may end up getting a home inspection anyway, but the more you know of and familiarize yourself with the warts ahead of time the better. You may even see enough to make you pass on even thinking about an offer saving you time and potential money and heartbreak.

5. Take Cues from Peoples' Behaviours

If you are new to the area, chances are that the other attendees of the open house are more familiar with the market prices. People leaving the place without asking questions or looking around may be a sign that the property is overpriced or generally uninteresting compared to what else is available. They'll also likely be making comments to each other, so keep your ears open to their own thoughts of the place. 

Going in prepared with these 5 tips in mind will assist you in arriving at a more informed decision regarding your next home. Follow the above open house tips to make your next Hamilton open house experience enjoyable and worthwhile at the same time.


Mike McCarthy, MBA | Sales Representative
Keller Williams Complete Realty

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