complimentary portable storage bin for home buyers

You Deserve a Break, Don't You?

Buying a new home is EXTREMELY exciting, but it doesn't come without a few pains in the neck, and the largest of these is usually MOVING. This is why I am helping out my clients by easing this pain with this bonus offer

  • ONE  MONTH rental of a portable storage container (approx. $500 value)
  • ​Storage delivered to your door (old & new)
  • Load stored items once and unload once
  • Ground level loading - pack at your pace
  • Secure storage with locking roll up doors
  • Easy access to all your belongings

If this sounds like something that will make the move to your eventual new home easier, fill out the form on this page, get your certificate, and I will be in touch to talk about working together to find your next home!

FREE Moving Container

* - This offer is not meant as a solicitation of your business if you are already under contract with another Realtor/Brokerage.

** - This offer is valid for the first month of rental services. Additional months will be paid for by the beneficiary.

*** - This offer is meant for "local" moves within the Hamilton are. Any additional charges based on location will be paid for by the beneficiary.


Mike is a very nice man, very kind, knowledgeable and patient. Always prompt in his replies. Always diligent in getting me into the properties I wanted to view, even went himself a couple of times knowing what I was looking for. Even checking sturdiness of decks or fences, looking around for “ trouble” spots.  He still checks in to see how we’re settling In and offering help in any form. I would definitely recommend Mike and use him again.

Michelle Lyddiatt

I would definitely recommend Mike and use him again.

Very understanding, reliable and went out of his way to meet with us.

We were looking for homes in Milton and Hamilton. These 2 cities are not that close to each other but he was always willing to meet if his schedule permitted. Traffic is always bad commuting home from work and even when we were late and wanted to reschedule meetings, Mike would wait for us and do his best to even get us in the door, even if it was for a few minutes.

There were some homes we really loved but were a bit out of our budget and Mike would take the time to properly explain how to be able to get a home like this in the future. Any questions I had for Mike, he could answer in detail. If he did not know the answer, he would truthfully explain this and follow up with me at a later time with the information I was looking for.

Definitely, 100%, 10/10, I would recommend Mike to everyone I know.

Thanks for everything!

Christopher B. & Nikki P-C

10/10, I would recommend Mike to everyone I know.

Mike is a hard working professional that made great recommendations specifically on staging and implemented a great strategy to maximize exposure and achieve the highest price. His efforts exceeded my expectations.

Dean Brunne

His efforts exceeded my expectations.

It's pretty intimidating to buy or sell when you aren't familiar with the industry. Mike has a way of setting people at ease. So many people in the industry are aggressive and make people uncomfortable. Not Mike - he is definitely one of the good guys!

Leah Sherring

One of the good guys!

Because there were 4 owners who were not communicating very well, Mike took on a much-needed "mediator" role, and thereby created a smooth transition from listing to showing to dealing with offers and finally to closing. We feel the service was excellent throughout and that even the follow up "help with moving" added to the excellence.

Sharon and Doug

The service was excellent throughout.

Wow what can I say.......Mike is such a great guy! He helped my son find his first home. Took the time to come and explain everything to him in terms he could understand. And was extremely patient with us! We can not THANK YOU enough Mike!

Our family highly recommends Mike!

Pamela Clarkin

Our family highly recommends Mike!

Mike is an awesome guy... helped me look and find my first home and assisted me with any questions or concerns - all and all he is a great guy! Super excited with my purchase!

Jake Martin

Mike is an awesome guy.

We chose to work with Mike as our Realtor. It is important to have a knowledgeable, connected, hard working Realtor and that is just what Mike was. He went above and beyond to make sure we were secure in our investment. 

Real top-shelf guy - would suggest to all!

Thanks Mike!

Jonathan C. & Annie V.

Would suggest to all!

Mike set us up for the best sale. He brought in a stager who suggested major changes and a photographer who made our home look terrific. Our condo sold in 3 days for over the asking price.

Mike made the sale of our property seem easy. He had all the information at hand and made us feel comfortable accepting his recommendations. I would happily recommend Mike...he was everything we needed to make our sale a success. We could not have had a better realtor.

LaurelAnn & Ed Prociuk

We could not have had a better realtor.


Larry Jusdanis


Mike was truly amazing in helping my husband and I select a property. He was extremely dedicated and committed to us through the whole process and very informative. Would strongly recommend his services to others.


Mike was truly amazing in helping my husband and I select a property.

I recommend you have Mike on your side when searching for a place to call your own. He’s understanding, non-judgmental, and caring. He has your back every step of the way, from replying to your messages to the good and bad about the places you view, to helping you understand anything you don’t understand. He goes above and beyond his job description. Thanks to him he have found OUR home.

He goes above and beyond his job description.

Mike was very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding.

Mike was very professional in handling all aspects of our sale. He also shared some positive suggestions on the sale of our home.

We could not have chosen an all around fantastic real estate agent. Mike was kind and had special characteristics that I have never seen in previous dealings with other real estate agents that have sold my previous 3 homes.

From day one when meeting Mike every aspect went well and I felt very positive about the sale of the house.

If you choose Mike to sell your home you will very pleased and thankful that you did.

Janice Grumbach

If you choose Mike to sell your home you will very pleased and thankful that you did.
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