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being a landlord in hamilton burlington milton oakvilleThinking of becoming a Landlord? Already one?Either way, I can help

There are many reasons to become a landlord in Hamilton, such as extra income, tax deductions and the added long-term security of equity in a second home. But getting there can be a much different road than purchasing a home to live in. You have to look at it as an investment, and to break that down simply, you need to have as good of an idea as you can of what your return (rental income) is going to be on your investment (purchase price + costs).

Then once you make that investment, you need to find the right tenants to live in your rental property - ones that are going to be clean, respectful of the property, reliable and, of course, PAY THE RENT on time, ALL THE TIME.

How can I help?

In addition to the services that I provide buyers of rental properties to assist in making the right investment, I can also assist prospective and current landlords in the following essential areas to help make your life headache-free:

  • Provide an assessment of Maximum Market Value
  • Screen Tenants
  • Perform Credit Checks
  • Book Viewings
  • Prepare the Lease Agreement
  • Collect the Deposit
  • Confirm Tenant Insurance & any other Pre-Closing Conditions

Absolutely everything until the end. Becoming a landlord can be an extremely fulfilling endeavour - I know, I am one too - but it can also be a painful road if not done well. Let's do it well together and make it a great investment for you.

For new prospective landlords or those seeking to purchase another investment property, please feel free to fill out the form on the left below, and for current landlords looking for help listing and marketing their properties and screening prospective tenants, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you very shortly to start talking about how I can help you out.

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