Mike McCarthy Hamilton Realtor

My Commitment & Guarantee to Hamilton Home Sellers

hamilton realtor commitment and guarantee​My mission is to provide you with an exceptional home selling experience. This home selling guide includes a number of useful documents for you to use during the home selling process.

These are the ten promises that I make to you:

  1. Provide you with exceptional customer service during the entire pre-listing, listing and selling process.
  2. Respond quickly to your calls, texts and emails, and no later than by the end of the day.
  3. Organize and schedule your home listing and selling process.
  4. Help you to compare homes and make a decision on the right price for your home.
  5. Provide you with ongoing updates on marketing activities and interest in your home.
  6. Advise you on the terms, conditions and issues of each offer and prepare all pertinent counter-offers and contracts.
  7. Coordinate and supervise the preparation of all closing documents and guide you through the closing process.
  8. Help you resolve any closing issues.
  9. Help coordinate move-out and assist with any post-closing issues.
  10. Be there for you as a resource for as long as you require - there is no expiry date on my service to you.

I aim to save you time and minimize stress during the home selling and closing process. You will receive the most accurate and helpful information to help you make decisions. Smooth transactions and your ultimate happiness and satisfaction are my goals. 

Guarantee - If there’s ever a problem while you’re working with me, I’ll do everything I can to fix it. If I can’t, then I’ll request that my brokerage release you from your contract. You should not be contractually bound to work with someone if you feel they’ve broken their promises.

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