Top 5 Considerations In Your Hamilton Condo Rental Search

Tuesday Jan 23rd, 2018


Whether it’s your first or last rental experience, finding a condo or apartment rental in Hamilton that fits both your budget and lifestyle can be overwhelming. Not only will you have to choose a new place from the several options available, but you will also be required to sign a long-term lease agreement that will hold you to your decision for usually at least an entire year. However, to make the process more manageable, it’s important that you understand exactly what you need to be considering before you start your condo rental search.

1. Location

Location is pretty much the most elementary factor when you’re choosing a place to stay. Where do you want to live? How far are you willing to be from work or from downtown Hamilton? How flexible are you in choosing a location? How close do you need to be to various forms of public transit? Are you set on a particular neighbourhood such as Kirkendall or St. Clair? Or are you willing to hang your hat anywhere from Stoney Creek to Ancaster as long as every other box on your checklist is ticked? Knowing this before starting out on your search can not only make it a more manageable process, it can also relieve a heck of a lot of stress. If you don't already know the answer, make sure you do your homework on the various places you are considering before you start on your journey.

2. Budget

Yes, the new shower and crown molding may seem amazing now, but after sometime when you’re struggling to pay rent; those amenities won’t look so hot. Begin by making a budget before searching for an apartment and stick to it. While you may not get the perfect place, you won’t get an apartment that will send you to a poor house. And don't forget to price into your budget the costs of gas, hydro, water, cable, internet, hot water rental, renters' insurance, parking, etc. Each of these utilities and extras may be included in the rental price or they may be on top of it. You have to find out the story around each of them and have a realistic idea of how much they are going to cost you. And try and get a general idea of how far the dollar stretches in any of the locations you are looking for. The price of a new condo rental right downton, such as the Royal Connaught, will differ from the price of an older apartment rental on the Mountain. There is no point in looking at places outside of your budget!

3. Space

Another pretty fundamental consideration for you to make is how much space are you going to WANT? And NEED? As we know, our WANTS always exceed our NEEDS in life and a condo rental search is no different. How large of a living space overall are you going to require to live functionally? Do you have a lot of furniture or are you a minimalist? There are many exceptions, but in general the more space you want in a condo rental, the more you will pay, so keeping it down to what you really NEED will help you keep the budget on course. And just as fundamental is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you are going to need. Again, the more of each will generally cost you more money, but do you want to squeeze the budget for budget's sake only to move in and realize "Uh oh, we made a big mistake"? Have a pretty firm idea of what you really need, but it is definitely ok to check out different feasible options.

4. Amenities

One of the most exciting things about condo living in Hamilton can be the amenities available to you at your building. These can be anything from movie theatres to spas to high-tech gyms. How important are these and all other amenities to you? Which ones are essential to your idea of condo living? There is no point searching for a condo building that doesn't supply the amenities that are really important to you. Likewise, there is no point moving to a building where you are paying for amenities that you will rarely, if ever, use. You should be able to get a pretty firm grip on what amenities will make your condo living experience a happy one before starting your search.

Some more basic amenities that are no less important - and realistically moreso - are things such as the number of parking spaces that are included; storage/locker space; outdoor space - either adjacent to your unit or private to the building, such as a rooftop terrace. Is the parking surface or underground? How big is the locker space? Will it store my skis? It is definitely best to look into and get answers to these questions before signing on any dotted line so as to avoid disappointment later

5. Pets

Some condo rental properties allow you to have pets on the premises. You may have to include a clause in the lease that states you will be responsible for any damage caused by the animal. This would be negotiated between you and the landlord in your lease negotiations. 

Keep in mind, even if your landlord is the biggest pet-friendly person in the world, some condo properties do not allow pets at all. Or they have and enforce weight and height limitations. If you are a pet owner it is critical that you find out what exactly the rules are with the unit as well as the building itself. 

Looking for a condo rental in Hamilton doesn’t have to be stressful even if you are new to it. Although the process of finding the ideal apartment or condo for rent requires a lot of legwork, it is much easier to accomplish once you have clearly identified your needs for your ideal rental. If you take a bit of time to bring some clarity to these five considerations above, you'll greatly increase the odds that you find yourself with your feet up relaxing in your perfect condo before you know it.

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Mike McCarthy, MBA | Sales Representative
Keller Williams Complete Realty

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