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Westdale is a residential neighbourhood in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is centred in the Westdale Village shopping district and located near McMaster University. It is bordered to the north by Cootes Paradise, an extensive nature reserve marking the western end of Lake Ontario, to the south by Main Street and Ainslie Wood, to the east by Highway 403, and to the west by McMaster University.

Westdale Village is a hotspot for western Hamilton residents. With many small, local businesses and chain retailers, Westdale South is a great neighbourhood for enjoying long walks, browsing bookstores or stopping off for a bite in a locally owned pub. It's proximity to McMaster makes it a hotspot for students, young professionals and families who opt to stay in the area.

   Enjoying Westdale

Other great features and places to visit when you are in Westdale/Ainslie Wood include the Hamilton Public Library Westdale Branch, Starbucks, Williams Cafe, Churchill Park and Splash Pad. Make sure to look through the Westdale Village Merchant Directory before going for a stroll through the village, and don't miss Weil's Bakery, Cupcakes of Westdale, Second Cup, Westdale Theatre, to name just a few!

  • McMaster Homecoming Street Festival @ Westdale Village. The street fest will feature live music and a DJ, along with free give-a-ways from McMaster Athletics, MSU Campus Events and the McMaster Alumni Association. In addition, the street will be lined with tents offering students goodies and samples from a host of vendors.
  • Westdale Village is a thriving and diverse shopping district in Hamilton, Ontario, featuring over 80 shops, services, cafés and restaurants, with something for everybody. Established in the 1920s, it is friendly, walkable, and steps away from McMaster University.
  • Hamilton’s Westdale Village community is home to the iconic Westdale Theatre, which is being restored to its former glory as a community gathering place. The rejuvenation of the theatre has led top a thriving artistic community in the village. 
  • Westdale / Ainslie Wood which is home to McMaster University, McMaster Children's Hospital and Medical Centre, Westdale Village, Churchill Park, and Princess Point, the South West, best known for Locke Street and the Durand and Kirkendall Neighbourhoods, and the North West home to Hess Village and Dundurn Castle.

Westdale Real Estate

You'll find a wide range of home styles in Westdale and Ainslie Wood, lots of 1.5-storeyhouse styles, some big 2 and 2.5 storey detached homes, 1-floor brick, some metal and vinyl sided homes, and only very few semi-detached houses. There are a couple of townhouse complexes on Main Street West, near the Wilson Street hill to Ancaster. There are also some condo apartments, some in high rise buildings and some in converted low rise buildings.

Westdale and Ainslie Wood Neighborhoods are a great mix of long time residents, young families, and University students. Westdale has one of the highest Walk Score in all of Hamilton, with a score of 90. Walk scores of 90-100 are referred to as a Walkers Paradise where most daily activities would not require a car. Toronto Commuters are close to the Highway, or to the Go Bus route.

Two popular parks in the area are Churchill Park in Westdale and Alexander Park in Ainslie Wood. Make sure to visit The Aviary when you are at Churchill Park. This wonderful secret place in West Hamilton at 85 Oak Knoll Drive, houses a beautiful collection of birds such as parrots, parakeets, peacocks and a wide variety of finches and doves.

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